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February 2020

First Nature Notes

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Dear Friends of First Nature Foundation


In our last newsletter, we shared the exciting news that ground had finally been broken for our barn, and for bringing the electric into the property. In the weeks since then, we have watched as the barn is taking shape. After the staking out of the perimeter as shared previously, the first step was to dig holes and set the support posts to form the durable structure for the building, then forming a concrete pad inside the structure.


The next step was to frame up the walls and openings, where doors and windows will be, then set rafters and purlins above where the outdoor stalls will sit. Next, metal straps have been attached to the interior structure to enhance wind resistance…we do live in a hurricane-prone location, after all.


Bringing the electric into the property has required quite a few steps. First, the electrician had to trench, run, and bury conduit and lay a concrete pad for the transformer, both of which then had to be inspected. The most recent step included sending the utility company their payment for a percentage of the infrastructure they incurred to put in a pole and run the wire from existing utility poles. The last step before they will schedule their team to come and pull wire into the newly buried conduit to the transformer is signing an easement, for which I had to get a survey last month…whew, almost there. Once I have the easement in hand and have reviewed and signed it, it will be another 4-6 weeks until they come to run the wire.


Meanwhile, the arena cover has been re-primed and painted, and the arena fence under it has been completed. It is now ready for all kinds of activities: riding, programs, clinics, events, and more. Through my contacts, I have already been in touch with several organizations that are inquiring about running programs or collaboratively designing and facilitating programs for their audiences. I’m watching a dream come true, slowly, step by step manifesting from intention to reality. What a huge blessing! We may even start running programs before the barn is completed.


This week the barn roof trusses have been set and the well-driller is applying to the appropriate authorities for a permit so that we can have running water. I’ve ordered the barn doors, stall doors, stall fronts, fans, and mats. The plumber, A/C contractor, and electrician will each be back soon to continue their work. I’ll save the rest for the next edition of the newsletter. It has been a real learning experience being my own general contractor!

I’m so eager to soon be able to invite you to an open house, and to upcoming programs as we start scheduling them once we have a better idea of when the barn will be ready. It’s coming soon. Stay tuned!


Kerul and crew

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