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What's Happening at First Nature Ranch

January 2019

Crop Barn.jpg

The first shed is in, the pastures are fenced, the round pen is in place, and the arena is to be created this coming week.

Crop Shed.jpg

Our former feed and tack shed are now our hay shed, and a garage is due to arrive soon to house our new mower and, eventually, a tractor and utility trailer.

Crop Riding Ring.jpg

We already have volunteers, who have been helping to get the facility in shape and get some leadership lessons from horses, as thanks for their assistance. 

Up close.jpg

Program-wise, through collaboration with some colleagues, new leadership playshops for autistic kids and bullied youth are being developed, along with an 8-week advanced leadership competencies programs for millennial change agents. Projected playshop and program delivery dates are set for late this winter and early spring, before it gets too hot.


We are about to go into the engineering drawings stage for the barn, then the permitting process...exciting and a bit scary because of what the county might require! I hope in the next announcement I can share some of the elevation drawings with you.

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