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July 2019 First Nature Notes


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Summer in Central Florida is almost over, at least for kids in school – just a little over 2 weeks until the fall term begins. At First Nature Ranch we’ve been busy these past few months getting ready to offer programs.

2019 July Open house Kerul and Ricky Boo

Our open house was July 20, and it was quite a success. The purpose of the event was to welcome people to the developing facility and introduce them to First Nature Foundation and our herd. Once again, everyone enjoyed the horses, photo opportunities on the tractor, writing blessings in the garage, and enjoying some refreshments.

Construction has begun! In the next couple of months, we will have a covered arena installed and ready to use! A covered arena will be beneficial by keeping everyone protected from Florida’s sometimes brutal sun, as well as keeping us dry during our almost daily summer thunderstorms and other inclement weather. It allows for a much more comfortable place for all kinds of horse-related...and other...activities.  

Frame Work.png

The picture below is similar, but not the same, as the structure of our arena. Although ours will lack skylights and be a little differently colored than the arena pictured, you can tell it will be an amazing addition as we get ready to offer programs and other activities.

Arena Structure.jpg

Meanwhile, our barn drawings have been submitted to the county for permitting. Whew, it was a long process to get this far! We are now getting estimates to bring in electricity. It will be so lovely to have an electric gate, a small refrigerator in which to keep medicines and other perishables, as well as some beverages for our humid hot days, and to have a place to recharge a cell phone!

2019July Open House kids and Tuck.jpg

We are planning to soon to begin leadership lessons on horseback with an experienced certified instructor. Lessons can be individual or group (up to 4 riders) and will be an hour long. They will entail full participation with grooming, tacking up, minor ground handling and then riding. Actual “in saddle” would be approximately 30 minutes per lesson. Lesson costs may be about $65 each lesson for individual lessons and $55 per person for group lessons of up to 4 people (on different horses).

Our model for programs at First Nature Foundation is to collaborate with people who are experts with a particular audience. These are people who know their audience’s leadership needs, sensitivities, what has work and what hasn’t, and to collaborate to design and deliver programs. If you’re someone who is expert with a particular audience who would benefit from leadership development programs that integrate horses and nature in a beautiful peaceful setting, please contact Kerul at  

2019July OpenHouse kids and Kody_edited_
2019July Open house Tractor kid_edited.j

Some photos courtesy of Jennifer Dwyer, Diane Carroll, and Marilyn Simeon. Thank you for such wonderful photos!

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