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June 2020
First Nature Notes
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Dear Friends of First Nature Foundation


Here in Florida COVID-19 is spiking. Today is a record day of new infections, with 5500 more people testing positive. We hope you are remaining healthy and thriving as well as you can muster during these very uncertain times, hopefully getting out an enjoying the sights and sounds of the natural world. Here is a recent sunrise yesterday, with accompanying birdsong for you to enjoy.  

In spite of the increase in positive cases here, the barn continues to move along slowly. After an almost 3 month wait, we now have the correct color door liners, and soffit and fascia are up, as well as some final exterior additional trim. The only exterior work that needs to be completed now are the stairs to the second floor on one end of the barn, a balcony off the second floor door on the other side, and the rails to separate the outdoor stalls.

Barn with blue doors.png
Barn horse stalls .png

After almost a month’s hiatus interior work has resumed, and our stall fronts, delivery of which was also delayed almost 3 months by the pandemic, arrived and have been installed. In this photo, trim still needs to be added. Don’t they look pretty?

We finally got two exterior outlets powered by the local utility, a major milestone, and the electrician is coming back this week to install switches, outlets, light fixtures, and fans. Once that work is complete we can apply for our final electrical inspection and have power inside the barn. The ceiling materials, which seemed to take forever to arrive, are now installed, walls, too! The builder is currently working on the interior trim.

Barn interior ceilings walls.png
Barn back entrance.png

Next week the tile for our shower and kitchen backsplash will be installed, and our floors will get laid. Those materials arrived a couple of weeks ago and have been taking up room at the front entrance. Then all the interior trim work (including baseboards) can be completed.

Barn flooring delivery.png

Air conditioning is now complete and we are eagerly awaiting it’s coolness once the electrical inspection is approved, especially now with days regularly reaching 105 – 100 degree (F) heat index. I have office furniture (the kind you have to put together) that has been waiting in the ranch’s shed for the last several months, and I am so eager to get it assembled and into the barn office. Yes, I ordered it too soon, a self-inflicted victim of a big discount on the products!   


We have some new volunteers at the ranch, and they are enjoying themselves immensely. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact me at (Volunteers must be a minimum of 14 years old.)


Wishing you good health and enjoyment of these summer months. We will be in touch as soon as it is safe to schedule events and programs.


Kerul and crew

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