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First Nature Notes

March 2019

We are delighted to offer you an update with our progress at First Nature Ranch. There's been a lot going on, even though it feels like it's moving slowly sometimes


The arena, built of the no-climb fence and board rails, the same type of sturdy materials as our fencing, was completed several weeks ago and has already seen frequent use.


Our garage was installed recently and is now storing our lawnmower. We are carefully researching which tractor will suit our purposes, and that's another reason for the garage, along with storing some surplus fencing materials.

We finished all our permanent fencing, for now, the last item being a travel track for the horses is in the east pasture, along with an irrigation line to fill a water trough so that we can keep the horses there...finally! Since that's been completed, the extra fencing materials beyond what was needed have now been returned to the dealer, making room for a horse playground. We are tickled to show our very first piece of horse playground equipment, a horse sundial, which we use to help the horses learn to pay more attention to they place their feet at a walk and trot. A few more pieces of playground equipment are in the plans.


The most exciting news is that we have the first draft of drawings for our barn. There are a few changes to be made, then we will submit the drawings to the count for approval. Might you please cross your fingers and maybe say a prayer or two that thye will make it easy on us, please?!


In the meantime, we have just scheduled two programs to run in April, our Revealing Your Strength, Releasing Your Stress playshop on April 13, and our Conflict as a Path to Collaboration playshop on April 27. Email me for a flyer and sign up before all the seats are gone.

While we enjoy our rustic design, we promise to have a better restroom by the first playshop than this temporary one. 


Looking forward to hearing from you with any thoughts, comments, and suggestions.

Kerul and Crew

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