Leading for Change

Program Description:

This program is designed to help change agents make a meaningful and satisfying contribution to a better world. Participants will partner with horses and the natural world to bring relevant leadership frameworks to life in their heart-felt initiatives. The goals are to identify and enhance the strengths each individual brings, and to pinpoint and release where and how we get in our own way bringing maximum potency and influence to our work. The program is experiential, interactive, and aims to be transformative. You are eligible for a continuing education certificate, too. And we get to play with horses and in nature!

Program Purpose:

This program is for change agents who wish to discover and practice what it takes to more effectively contribute to a more socially equitable and ecologically just world. The playshop will prepare you to enact a "new story" of practical and compassionate connectedness. You will use and amplify your passions, skills and gifts while gaining insights about how to reconnect from the natural world. Over the 8-week period you will practice with a small community to play through a real-life organizational challenge that is important to you as you:

1)Find your place.

2) Build community.
3)Learn more about yourself and feel fulfilled doing so.


Note: This program is a service provided for a fee, so tuition is not received as a tax deductible donation. Please check with your tax advisor. 

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