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Playshops for Women

Helping women fully embody their leadership wisdom

Programs for women support them in engaging more of their strengths, sourcing more of their innate wisdom, using conflict productively, and reducing stress and overwhelm.  With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential.

An example of our playshops for women can be found on the Revealing Your Strengths page here.

What People Say About Revealing Your Strengths...With Horses:

"Revealing Your Strengths...with Horses" was time well spent. I learned a lot about myself and the horses. I highly recommend it! Karen Sims

"Revealing Your Strengths...with Horses" was and insightful and endearing program - enjoyable! Allison Black

Kerul is an incredibly passionate woman who has the ability to take down "walls" and help build you up. Kristina Cook

The equine session “Revealing Your Strengths… with Horses” led by Kerul Kassel was an incredible experience.  It was a tranquil morning spent with the horses and other individuals, each with her own reason for being there.  The combination of nature, the smell of horseflesh and hay, and the comradery with the others in the group combined with the personal insight I gained from the animals left me in a better place than I started.  I would recommend this (or any of the other programs offered) to anyone going through a major life change, or those who wish to.  Cheryl Giantsios, Harmony, FL 

“This was a BIG help to me.  Thank you SO much. There was nothing I did not like.   You allowed us to voice our opinions and concerns and it felt great to be in such an open environment where we could say what we wanted and not feel guilty or be judged.” S.B., Scottsdale, AZ   

“This morning I felt alive in ways that I don't think I have felt since I was that little girl I found inside of me again today. I was even looking at the mundane world around me with completely different eyes, just noticing and just being curious about what I was feeling and seeing. Thank you for that gift. You are a great coach.”  M.F.M., Media, PA, 

“I thought the experience was well worth the investment.  Kerul is generous with her time and resources.” S.M., Brooklyn, NY

*First Nature Foundation is a Equine and Nature Facilitated Development center. We do not provide any form of equine therapy.*

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