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Coaching and Consulting

Customized and Targeted

With your organization’s mission always in mind, we help you find new, more effective ways to create impacting and lasting change. Whether it is amping up your leadership skills, raising your team's engagement and outcomes, strategizing for your organization, or solving complex organizational issues, we've seen it all. 

Our coaches and consultants have decades of experience, multiple certifications in their fields, and are masterful at helping you get traction quickly. And the bonus of booking a program at First Nature Ranch is that interaction with horses is included!

What People Say About Our Coaching!


"Kerul gets to the real issues.  She helped me figure out solutions to my own unique challenges and then offered small achievable steps that produced huge results!" P.H., Nevada 


"Our session was so incredibly helpful I cannot even put it into words. These last 3 weeks have been enlightening."

J.T., NY  

“I find her to be an excellent listener, she has great coaching technology/tools that she uses extremely well, and she is a very compassionate woman - while also holding the goal in front of us quite steadily.  She’s a delight to work with, I always feel uplifted and inspired to do more after one of our calls, and, having been a “solopreneur” for many years now, having a “partner” on this particular project is quite a relief.”  K.J., NH

“I've really enjoyed this, and believe that I have some new ways of looking at my organization which significantly enriched my life… the changes have really helped me be more productive at work and at home.” M.M., VA

“I just want to take a moment to thank you for sharing your wisdom in a warm and wonderful way.  You give so much of yourself and really care about each individual. I personally, made great strides, and will continue to do so. Thank you.”

N.W., New York, NY 

“Kerul provides an environment that makes her audience curious, engages them, and invites them to participate.  Her ease and comfort with the material and her audience informs and inspires.”  W.M., Sony Electronics Corporation

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