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​Revealing Your Strengths

And releasing your stress...with horses!

This program’s purpose is to recognize, explore and expand on individual strengths, and increase your ability to bring your best self at home, work, and everywhere. This short program creates a safe external space to develop internal resilience and calm, and reduce conflict with family members, work teams, as well.


This half-day program for women only doesn’t require any experience with horses...really, none at all! After a brief course overview, we’ll set our individual and group intentions for the day, then join the herd and explore how the diversity of their individual strengths reflect patterns in our families and workplaces. We’ll let the horses select us individually, and welcome their assistance in accessing our own individual wealth of gifts and talents. We end with a conversation about what we learned, and practices that we might want to experiment with in our daily lives, and finish by checking back in with our intentions.

Things you will learn in this playshop:
  • How to befriend that inner critic to have less stress and more confidence 
  • Techniques to immediately reduce stress and feel more energized

  • Ways to recognize and apply your strengths so it's easier to reach your goals and dreams  
Jan2022 Horseplay Photo 3_edited.jpg

"I loved that I was able to learn from others and the horses some skills to deal my real life issues. This was an amazingly insightful experience. Thank you!!" - Randi M. 

"Kerul created an environment where everyone was really open and willing to share, change, and collaborate." - Karlyn I.  

"I'm taking away more awareness of my thoughts and strengths. Affirmation that I am where I need to be right now; deeper connection to myself and the horses." Nicole R. 


Note: This program is a service provided for a fee, so tuition is not received as a tax deductible donation. Please check with your tax advisor. 

For detailed program information, Click Here.

*First Nature Foundation is a Equine and Nature Facilitated Development center. We do not provide any form of equine therapy.*

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