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Where the wisdom of the past, present, and future of leadership comes together for the dignity and benefit of all.


We design, develop, and deliver customized programs for team engagement and leader development for skill sets to foster innovation and collaboration, embrace and productively utilize conflict, and master strategic planning and follow-through.

What is First Nature Foundation?

​​At First Nature Foundation, our mission is to cultivate 21st Century Leadership: to help develop core self-leadership and collective leadership skills needed for this time. We are not a therapeutic facility. Instead, we utilize and believe in We use Equine and Nature Facilitated Development to guide our programs.

We work with leaders and teams in organizations to develop leadership skills that will enhance their capacities for engagement, collaboration, and generative outcomes.  


We also offer leadership development programs for children, teens, and adults to evoke more of their innate leadership potential for more success in school, career, relationships, and community.


In the process, we nurture a reverence for all sentient life, along with awareness of its inherent wisdom.  


"Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another."

- Juvenal

"First Nature Ranch creates the space we all need to dive into a greater understanding of our self and others." - Eva

"The process of releasing and letting go. That I am already these things to honor myself now. Horses healed me, Kody healed me and that was surreal." - Caitlin


Playshops for Leaders and Teams


Playshops for Women


Playshops for Young Leaders


Coaching and Consulting

"Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity." -Reed Markham

Contact First Nature Foundation

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*First Nature Foundation is a Equine and Nature Facilitated Development center. We do not provide any form of equine therapy.*

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