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Leading For Change For Teens For Teens launches Summer 2022

Girls in Nature

Playshops for Teens and Kids

Growing leaders

Leading For Change For Teens is ready to roll out. Our first program, for girls in foster care, is designed to: 

1.    Increase their self-awareness and strengthen their reflection and renewal practices 

2.    Identify/refine their calling/purpose/personal vision and act on it

3.    Identify habitual behavioral patterns that impede their effectiveness 

4.    Recognize and use tension and disagreement to transform conflict into productive action   

In the home, at school, and amongst each other, children are always learning and our programs aim to coax out their best.  

Our interactive, equine and nature assisted learning youth programs are specifically designed to ensure learning and retention of necessary life skills and promote personal growth. Our programs offer them an experience to refer to when they are faced with daily life choices. 

Leading For Change For Teens is a program that starts and ends with weekends with the program facilitators and the horses at First Nature Ranch, with weekly virtual group coaching sessions in between. Some of our other youth programs start with a half-day introductory session and thereafter usually range between 4 - 6 sessions. This allows our facilitators to ensure the effectiveness of the course for the youth and the youth’s advancement in the program.


Horses and nature are ideal educational tools for use with children. Once a child is taught the basics of dealing properly with a horse, he or she can become the leader the horse seeks. When the horse feels safe, at peace, and being led by someone with confidence and a strong vision, the horse willingly cooperates. The process of learning to lead is life-changing for the child.

Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.

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