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Playshops for Leaders & Teams

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Playshops Custom Built for Your Needs

Serving corporate organizations, governments, non-profits, and communities

We design, develop, and deliver customized programs for team engagement and leader development of skill sets to foster innovation and collaboration, embrace and productively utilize conflict, and master strategic planning and follow-through.

Experiential learning has been shown to be more effective than passive learning.  Interaction with horses and nature provides powerful learning experiences because the interactive experience changes and evolves — just like the workplace it is a changing environment.  And, have we mentioned how being in a beautiful, mountain setting with colleagues for a day can literally change team dynamics?


In today’s world, leaders and organizations face multiple challenges and can no longer rely upon traditional formulas to be successful. At First Nature Ranch we offer workshops, retreats, and private sessions that utilize hands-on experience with horses and the natural world to create organizational success.


Outcomes and Results of Leadership Development Training at First Nature Ranch Include: 

  • Stronger Leadership & Improved Teamwork

  • Amplified Productivity

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence

  • Effective Communication & Listening

  • Boost Trust & Commitment

  • Enhanced Relational Skills & Ability to Positively Influence Others

  • Greater Creativity in Problem Solving

  • Personal Responsibility & Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Elevated Morale & Accountability 


What People Say About Our Playshops:

“I really admire the calm, direct way you impart information .. and also the way you engage us all and let us discuss as well.. we are "partners with you". It empowers us all...wonderful.” C.B.

"What I'm taking away is communication and leadership isn't about me, but it's about who I'm communicating with or leading." -G.R.

“I want to express my appreciation to you for the coaching assistance you have given Paul over the past few months.  He is really organized and on top of things now.  His confidence and productivity have dramatically increased to levels that I never even dreamed of. We just had our company holiday party and Paul was singled out from forty employees to win an award , as the employee who made the most significant change in productivity over the past year!”  A.S.

“I felt like you helped me shift my basic paradigm  so much that none of the stuff I've read about abundance or done with it in the past feels all that important.  You really messed with my thinking in the best possible way, and I feel like I GET it and that's it's pretty simple. This has changed my thinking in a fundamental way.  I don't believe I could backslide to my old way even if I tried now--it would feel too false." J.M.

*First Nature Foundation is a Equine and Nature Facilitated Personal and Professional Development center. We do not provide any form of equine therapy.*

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