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The Proof is in the Results

What People Are Saying About Us

In today's fast-paced world, people of all ages and stations need ever evolving coaching in key leadership traits. Instead of spending hours in an online course or at a desk, try a walk with nature.

First Nature Foundation is unique in its approach to crafting and equipping leaders for the 21st century. Leading the charge in creating and cultivating leadership training workshops and programs, our president Kerul, is fastidious in her approach to fusing nature and leadership.


Whether you're investing in leadership development for yourself or your organization, you want to know if First Nature is the right fit for you. So that's what this page is all about. Check out some of the incredible takeaways we've had from program participants and coaching clients below.

We cannot wait to work with you!

"Experiential activities built on each other; consistent tie in with leading employees; expert facilitators and program design.Many applications for leadership using horses; good way to get outside and in nature." -Cathy


"It integrated leadership skills with experiential learning in a unique way where participants can truly see and feel the actions of their behaviors and the concepts come to life...Great way to help build on communication skills for leaders- also great reminder. This session is an excellent way to gain insight on your own leadership and communication skills in a unique way. Creative and insightful."


"Very different from traditional classroom learning. Love the interactions with horses. It was a great assessment of any strengths and challenges - we all have room to grow/improve. It is a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, think differently." -Jeff


"It gave us time to reflect on how we lead, what we do when things aren't going as planned and how to relate that to life & work." -Gina


"The training is truly unique by linking effective leadership and horses. What I liked most about the program was working with the horse. Trying to communicate what I need her to do with noises, gestures, and touches...Increase and expand my communication skills. A better understanding of EQ (emotional quotient)." -Toni


"Good for new leaders...What I liked best about the program was how leadership of people is used with horses. Translation of horses to leadership was well done. The nonverbal exercises are so transferable. [I also] love the casual, mature environment. Participants have no personal agenda so freedom to share was really helpful." -Nancy

"Great presenter, beautiful peace, nice horses, good horse interaction exercises, great topic, especially EQ (emotional quotient). Everything is so well thought through and well done, this is a very nice experiential experience. Personally it showed me that I tend to lead the way I am most comfortable with, and that with a little effort to stretch myself I can be a more effective leader." -John


"What I'm taking away is leadership is different than managing."


*First Nature Foundation is a Equine and Nature Facilitated Development center. We do not provide any form of equine therapy.*

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