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Horse Sense for Teens

Growing teen leaders for the challenges of their future

This flexible program is designed to help teens to gain practical skills such as self- and social awareness, confidence, compassion, communication, and assertiveness without aggression, all in a fun, fast-paced learning environment, partnering with horses and nature in the process. The teens experience all this in a "learning herd" made up of our wise herd of horses, other kids, and other living beings in the natural setting of First Nature Ranch. 

The program can be a single session or multi-session, depending on the organizational client and the needs of their cohort of teens. Programs costs are very reasonable!

Our program contributes to a teen's:

  • Self-awareness and self-regulation in the face of difficulties

  • Noticing habits that get in the way of being their best selves

  • Feeling joy and hope in a world of urgent challenges

  • Experience of themselves as a part of nature not separate from it

In the home, at school, and amongst each other, children are always learning and our programs aim to coax out their best selves in all of these environments. Our interactive, equine and nature assisted learning youth programs are specifically designed to ensure learning and retention of necessary life skills and promote personal growth. Our programs offer them an experience to refer to when they are faced with daily life choices.


Horses and nature are ideal educational tools for use with youth. Once a child is taught the basics of dealing properly with a horse, he or she can become the leader the horse seeks. When the horse feels safe, at peace, and trusting the child as their leader the horse willingly cooperates. The process of learning to lead is life-changing for a child.

"Survival mode was not meant to be our way of life. We may not know the right direction to go, but we still have that feeling of wanting to have a fulfilled life, regardless of where you start from today." -a quote from a 2023 participant


*First Nature Foundation is a Equine and Nature Facilitated Development center. We do not provide any form of equine therapy.*

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