Leading for Change (A new program offered by First Nature Foundation at First Nature Ranch)

Have you been working to make a significant change in the world?

Do want want to be more effective in your calling while helping humanity and Earth?

Are you ready to engage more of your potential? And receive a sustainability leadership certificate in executive education from an acclaimed, accredited university?

Introducing Leading for Change -- an eight-week leadership development program to expand your social change leadership skills.

Lead change. Today’s most heartfelt conversations -- political, social and business -- are calling for momentous social and ecological change in a connected world. This program is designed to expand your social change leadership skills with information and interactions that you apply to your real-world project. You will enhance your strengths and identify the barriers you put in the way of your maximum potency and influence.

You will partner with horses and the natural world to bring leadership frameworks to life. Horses have the amazing ability to help us revive our trust in intuition, give us courage to share our authentic selves, and expand our ability to be in highly effective relationships. In this program, you won’t ride the horses, but will interact with them in playful activities. The potential of authentically relating with a horse is to clarify your calling, embody your leadership goals, and expand your skills in teaming and leading.

Horses can help you revive your trust in intuition, encourage you to share your authentic self and expand your ability to be in highly effective relationships.

The program is experiential, interactive and transformative. Over eight weeks you will practice with a small community to play through a real-life organizational challenge that is important to you as you find your place, build community, learn more about yourself and feel fulfilled doing so.

Participants who complete the program are eligible to receive a sustainability leadership certificate in executive education through Fielding Graduate University.

When. Sessions begin Saturday, November 16, 2019 and end January 11, 2020

Register. Kerul@FirstNatureFoundation.org or 407-957-1494

Where. First Nature Ranch, 7530 Old Melbourne Highway, Harmony, Florida 34771

Program overview.

· Part I of this program is a 4-hour playshop at First Nature Ranch, where we will 1) meet the horses and allow them to help us identify our leadership strengths and development edges, 2) preview the models that we will work with and 3) begin to play with the models in developing our plans and goals for honing self- and shared-leadership.

· Part II includes 8 weekly group coaching calls and 4 biweekly visits to the ranch to deepen exploration, learning, and offer practice toward real-world application. Each participant will have the opportunity to engage in a mini-facilitation employing their individually tailored leadership development learning.

· Part III brings us back to the ranch for a collectively and collaboratively designed experience that brings our enhanced shared leadership skills into immediate practice.

· Throughout: Have fun and learn with horses, in nature, and with each other!

Sustainability Leadership Certificate: This program offers an executive education certificate from Fielding Graduate University. Fielding Graduate University is an accredited nonprofit leader in blended graduate education, combining face-to-face and online learning for professionals living and working anywhere in the world. Fielding’s faculty members are mentors and student guides, representing a breadth of scholarship and practice in both the School of Leadership Studies and School of Psychology. Fielding students use their skills to become powerful and socially responsible leaders in their communities and workplaces, and throughout society.

Calling change leaders. Join this cohort if you are a change agent who wishes to discover and practice what it takes to make a difference on some of the world’s biggest challenges. Based on research and practice for transformative leadership, this playshop is designed for change agents like you - committed to their current and future success and willing to invest in a strategic development experience, coaching, and a close-knit community...in nature. Register now at Kerul@FirstNatureFoundation.org or 407-957-1494.

Reconnect with the natural world to clarify your goals as a social change leader.

Learning objectives. At the end of this program, you will be able to...

1. Increase your self-awareness and strengthen your reflection and renewal practices

2. Refine your calling and act on it

3. Identify habitual behavioral patterns that impede your effectiveness as a change agent

4. Recognize and use polarities as generative tensions to transform conflict into produc