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What is 21st Century Leadership?

In general, 21st Century Leadership is a label given to a way of leading that integrates the best of the past, present, and predicted future of leadership. Here's what it includes:

21st Century leadership:

Relates...understands that outstanding outcomes and results arise from attention to the development of trust and the strengthening of relationships between and among individuals, teams, groups, divisions, organizations, and communities.

Invests...devotes resources, not necessarily hard funds, into evoking the potential of oneself and others in an intentional way that is customized to the strengths and gifts of each individual or team.

Engages...invites a full complement of stakeholders to the table to surface and consider their concerns, and incorporate them ethically into solutions.

Embraces...recognizes that conflict and struggle are signals that have the potential to enhance collaboration and create more innovative solutions that create competitive advantage.

Tolerates...diversity, difference, and mistakes are all opportunities to develop greater individual and collective resilience.

Integrates...pays attention to ways individual and organizational decision-making impacts social justice issues, environmental restoration and health, and broader economic prosperity.

Blends...prioritizes a long-term view when designing and delivering short- and medium-range goals.

Distributes...power is allocated throughout a group, team, or organization in a way that promotes deeper engagement while attracting and retaining talent, and also prompts innovation.

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